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Chicago Jobs Council works with its members to ensure access to employment and career advancement opportunities for people living in poverty.

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Illinois Has 9 Days Before Second Year Without BudgetJune 22, 2016
Illinois is days away from going for a full year without a budget. We're making history in a terrible way. We only have a few days to make sure we don't enter a second year without a budget. Here are two important ways you can help stop the madness.five-call-challenge-copy (more…)
Spring 2016 Frontline Focus FlyerMay 19, 2016
Catch up on the latest from the Frontline Focus Training Institute with our spring flyer! Read the results of our 2016 Annual Survey, access the Career Foundations curriculum, and take a look at our calendar of upcoming events and sign up for FFTI courses! This and more is at your fingertips right here. Capture
CJC Report: The Hidden Cost of VentraMay 4, 2016