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CJC moves people out of poverty through employment using on-the-ground expertise, advocacy, and capacity-building.

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FFTI Course Catalog is HereJune 19, 2017
FFTI's new training catalog is here! This year's course offerings include:
  • 20 different public calendar trainings
  • Developer, Leadership, and Client Services certification options
  • Information about FWA - our free, bimonthly workshops
Visit the Frontline Focus webpage to register for upcoming trainings today! (more…)
Updated Workers’ Rights CurriculumJune 14, 2017
Your job seekers have completed your job readiness training and you believe they are ready to work! However, if they don’t know their rights and how to protect themselves in the workplace, they're not truly “job ready". CJC's Frontline Focus Training Institute, in partnership with Alison Dickson of the School of Labor and Employment Relations at the University of Illinois, is excited to release the recently updated Workers’ Rights for Workforce Development Curriculum, 2nd edition. Through this curriculum, arm your job seekers with the most up-to-date information on their workplace rights - including new wage and hour laws, timely workforce protections for immigrant and refugee populations, and much more! (more…)
March With UsMay 10, 2017
What are we for? What do you want for our state? It's easy and tempting to focus only on what we're against. We're against cuts. We're against not having a budget. But even before the current crisis, people across Illinois were suffering. Resisting harm is not enough. We must also envision and plan for the future we want. That's why CJC is joining the 200 mile March to Springfield for a People and Planet First Budget. Along the way, marchers from diverse communities and organizations will have open meetings with regular people about what we want for our state, and how we can overcome what divides us. (more…)