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Chicago Jobs Council works with its members to ensure access to employment and career advancement opportunities for people living in poverty.

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Announcing CJC’s New Executive DirectorFebruary 26, 2015
We are excited to announce that Carrie Thomas has been selected as CJC’s new Executive Director, effective March 1, 2015! In addition to her seven years of experience as CJC’s Associate Director, Carrie gained valuable experience while working with the Jobs Now Coalition and The Employment and Opportunity Project in Minnesota. In addition, she worked with the Legal Assistance Foundation of Chicago, Project Hope, the Erikson Institute and the Sonia Shankman Orthogenic School in Chicago. Read more about the decision in an open letter from CJC’s Board President, John Plunkett, by clicking here.
Learn More About Advanced ManufacturingFebruary 24, 2015
Are you interested in staring a career in advanced manufacturing (or know someone who is)? Join our friends Austin Coming Together this Thursday, February 26 from 10:00am – 12:00pm at Austin Polytechnical Academy (231 N. Pine, Chicago) to learn more about the ‘Austin Career Connect’ program. The program serves individuals interested in acquiring the skills needed to start a career in advanced manufacturing by helping to place them in high-quality training programs. For more information, click here.
Governor’s Budget Devastates Workers: Will Undermine Illinois’ RecoveryFebruary 23, 2015
For some, Illinois’ economy is in recovery. But for many more, the recession continues unabated. Over 400,000 working families are poor or near poverty in Illinois—50,000 more families than in 2007. The unemployment rate in some communities is 30%.  Black Illinoisans suffer a 14.4% unemployment rate. Instead of creating opportunities, Illinois’ new Governor has decided that struggling jobseekers and their families are not important to Illinois’ economic future. Click here to read CJC’s full response to last week’s budget address.

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