Job seekers need to get work. Unfortunately not all workplaces are created equal. None of us want our job seekers to face discrimination or mistreatment in the workplace, but sometimes it happens. And now you can help prepare them to stand up for themselves!

We believe knowledge about basic worker protections is a crucial component of any job readiness program and we want you to have the tools to empower job seekers with knowledge of their rights. Through Frontline Focus Training Institute’s partnership with Alison Dickson of the School of Labor and Employment Relations at the University of Illinois, we have trained frontline workforce organizations across the region about workplace standards.  Now, we’re excited to offer the Workers’ Rights Curriculum to all Illinois-based workforce development organizations, so that jobseekers across the state can be armed with this information and preparation.

To preview the Introduction and Table of Contents, and request your own copy of the curriculum free of charge, visit our new page: Tools for Frontline Staff, and keep an eye out as we add more resources in the future!

And remember, no jobseeker is fully job ready unless they are armed with information about workplace rights!