We Will Keep Fighting White Supremacy on All Fronts

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White supremacy showed its hideous face in Charlottesville, VA this weekend. But racist violence happens in many forms and in many places. It winds through public policies and trickles into our neighborhoods. It pops up in our budgets, camps out in our courts, and slips into boring sounding laws that fall heaviest on people of color. While we saw it out in the open this weekend, it is more often hidden, polite, and normalized.
We are committed to fighting the racism that squashes human potential and human life in Chicago, Illinois, and beyond. And we are thankful for our many partners doing the work to fight white supremacy and systemic racism through advocacy on employment, immigration, literacy, education, transportation, housing, health, and so many areas. We see you. Your work matters, and we are with you. We commit to continuing this work with you.

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