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At the Frontline Focus Training Institute, we’re always collecting tools and looking for best practices that make workforce providers more effective. Here are some of those resources.

Workers’ Rights Curriculum

Worker Rights Curriculum ButtonAre you ever unsure of your job seekers’ rights in the workplace? Are there times you think your clients are being taken advantage of or discriminated against but are not sure what to do? Knowledge about basic worker protections is a crucial component of any job-readiness program. To answer these questions, CJC presents the Workers’ Rights Curriculum developed by Alison Dickson of the School of Labor and Employment Relations at the University of Illinois.

Click here to preview the Introduction and Table of Contents.

Benchmarking/Success Drivers

Click here to learn more about the Success Drivers framework, based on national high achievers in workforce development.

Pathways to Careers Network (in collaboration with Women Employed)

Learn about the Career Foundations Curriculum, and Bridge Programs here.