The Jobs Council Sides with Teachers and School Staff

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The Chicago Jobs Council proudly supports Chicago teachers and school support staff. CTU and SEIU Local 73 are currently on strike to secure smaller class sizes, school nurses, social workers, and librarians in every school, as well as affordable housing and better pay.

Quality education from an early age is critical for individuals, families, and communities. And without it we all suffer. Many of the workforce development programs in Chicago are providing employment and training services to people who were failed by under-resourced CPS schools years or decades ago. There have been years of warning that CPS needs more resources. And there are plenty of resources in this wealthy, global city.

When working people organize, it creates new opportunities to shift policies, resources, and culture. The wealthy and well connected always seem to get what they need in Chicago. And we support the striking teachers and school support staff in their audacity to demand the same for themselves, students, and our communities.

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