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Project Description

Frontline Focus Training Institute Intern,
312-252-0460 x115

Hannah Gallee

Hannah is joining CJC for the 2019-2020 school year as the Frontline Focus Intern from Loyola University’s Leadership and Development Social Work program. Previously, she has worked as an intern in a workforce development program at the Center on Halsted. In this position, she worked directly with students of the program to provide referrals and develop social work programming. Hannah is passionate about mezzo and macro-level social change. With her work now, she is experiencing workforce development at a broader scope.

Hannah is in a dual-degree program at Loyola, working towards a MSW and a MA in Women’s Studies and Gender Studies. Her first job in high school was in a kennel of a veterinary clinic. To this day, she continues to take care of pets working as a dog walker!