Project Description

Program Manager,
312-252-0460 x304

Dana Horstein

Dana joined CJC in 2019 as Program Manager for the Chicago College and Career Advising Credential (CCCAC). CCCAC provides youth mentors (e.g. parents, librarians, coaches, job developers, faith leaders, after school teachers) with training on student-directed approaches to support youth with exploring various post-secondary career options, such as college, career, military, union apprenticeships, job training, and service/gap year. Dana’s program responsibilities include developing curriculum, conducting outreach, and delivering trainings. This work builds on Dana’s 15+ years in adult education, during which time she has served as a program coordinator at universities, a curriculum developer and teacher trainer for labor unions and English language programs, and an English language instructor in both the U.S. and Mexico. Dana is committed to helping individuals and communities grow through education that is rooted in reflective practice, learner-centered pedagogy, and a social justice mission.

Dana’s first job after high school was working in the men’s department at Macy’s.