We Will Keep Fighting White Supremacy on All Fronts

White supremacy showed its hideous face in Charlottesville, VA this weekend. But racist violence happens in many forms and in many places. It winds through public policies and trickles into our neighborhoods. It pops up in our budgets, camps out in our courts, and slips into boring sounding laws that fall heaviest on people of [...]

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Chicago Urban League Releases Blueprint for an Equitable Chicago

Earlier this month, the Chicago Urban League released a ten-year plan for their work towards racial equity in Chicago. The blueprint outlines an ambitious strategic plan that stands on three pillars—education, employment, and economic development. Ultimately, the Urban League’s goal is to deconstruct “structural racism and create more equitable educational, employment and economic systems for [...]

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What Local Business Leaders Can Learn from the Laquan McDonald Murder Case

Reposted with permission from Chicago United. Bold added for emphasis.  As CEO of Chicago United, I join the local community in its deep disturbance and outrage around the police video depicting the fatal shooting of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald at the hands of former Chicago Police Officer Jason Van Dyke, released November 24. While much attention [...]

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Talking About Injustice: Community Conversation with Bryan Stevenson

Facing History and Ourselves will host a free Community Conversation with attorney, human rights activist, and author of "Just Mercy", Bryan Stevenson Wednesday, March 16 from 6:00 - 7:30pm at Northwestern University's Thorne Auditorium. Stevenson is one of the country's most visionary legal thinkers and social justice advocates. A MacArthur fellow and founder of the [...]

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