Healthcare helps workers. Work requirements don’t.

After a year of threats to the Affordable Care Act, tax legislation that explodes the wealth gap, and increased pressure to further cut safety net services, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMMS) announced a misguided Medicaid policy: work requirements. Work requirements are just words, not supports. Access to health care, food support, child [...]

UPDATE: Getting Job Seekers Covered

Yesterday, we shared how to help get job seekers health coverage. The Affordable Care Act ensures assistance with signup, and financial help for most of the uninsured. On January 23, Workforce3 One is hosting a webinar entitled Collaborating with Healthcare Enrollment Assisters. The webinar is meant to help equip workforce professionals to work with enrollment assisters and [...]

There is Still Time to Get Job Seekers Covered

The Affordable Care Act has already been making a difference in the lives of millions of Americans.((Nationally, about 20 million more people now have health care because of the ACA.)) In Illinois, more than 622,000 people gained health care during the first year of enrollment. That means that of the 1.7 million who were uninsured before the ACA went [...]

Ask the Census to Keep Important Questions

On December 30th 2014, the comment period will close on a proposal to remove questions from the American Community Survey of the US Census. Among the questions slated for removal from the ACS are undergraduate field of study, and multiple questions about current and past marital status. Please join us and tell the Census Bureau to keep these [...]

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