Important Survey: Driver's License Suspension

UPDATE: Deadline extended to 2/3. Across Illinois, fines, fees, and other legal penalties often get in the way of opportunity and success in our communities. Driver’s license suspension is part of this system, and we know that many workforce organizations work with populations that struggle because of suspended licenses. We need your help to fight [...]

License Suspension and Revocation in Illinois

The WIRE has previously looked at the negative impacts that driver’s license suspension and revocation has on low-income workers. A past WIRE blog post discussed the long road that one individual, Kelvin Anderson, faced in unsuccessfully trying to get his driver’s license back. Kelvin’s account illustrates the complexity of the driver’s license system and  the [...]

Infographic: Driver’s Licenses and the Long Road to Work

This infographic is the latest in our coverage of driver’s license suspension as a major barrier to employment and burden on the poor. For more, see last week’s post “Suspended Indefinitely: Driver’s Licenses and the Long Road to Work.” […]

Suspended Indefinitely: Driver’s Licenses and the Long Road to Work

(Article Updated: Kelvin succeeded in re obtaining his license in 2015.) Last month, we wrote that driver’s license suspensions unfairly penalize the poor. Without the money to get it back, a suspended license creates tremendous barriers for those trying to earn a living.  Kelvin Anderson, a Retention Assistant at Growing Home, Inc, shared his story with [...]

License Suspension Unfairly Penalizes the Poor

In January, NPR profiled how driver’s license suspensions unfairly “tax” the poor. NPR cited a study by the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators that found nationally, “About 40 percent of [driver's license] suspensions are for unpaid traffic tickets, and for things like not paying child support, or getting caught with drugs — things that [...]

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