Marching for a Better Illinois

Starting this week, a diverse group of Illinoisans is marching 200 miles from Chicago to Springfield to demand a state budget that puts the people and the planet first. This march is most obviously a reaction to the current budget crisis that began on July 1, 2015. However, it’s part of a much longer struggle over [...]

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Jobs are One in a Million Reasons for a Responsible Budget

CJC is joining with other members of the Responsible Budget Coalition for the One in a Million campaign–an effort to share stories about the harm across Illinois communities because we do not have a state budget that invests in vital programs. Check out our video below, and learn more about the campaign here. And if you [...]

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We're headed to Springfield

Did you hear? Pennsylvania ended their budget stalemate last week, meaning that Illinois has now gone longer without a state budget than…well, ever as far as we can tell. Register now to join CJC, the National Association of Social Workers Illinois Chapter, and other Responsible Budget Coalition members in Springfield on Tuesday, April 5 (next week) to [...]

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The State of the State Falls Short

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner delivered the yearly State of the State address on Wednesday amidst the continuing budget crisis. The governor spoke about many of the pressing issues that Illinois faces in the coming year and outlined some of his plans to address such challenges while ignoring much of what we feel is truly important, [...]

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Make #1CallADay For a Fair Budget

It’s time to join others across the state and commit to ‪#‎1CallADay.  Leaders in the Illinois General Assembly are meeting now to develop the state budget by May 31st.  Please contact one legislative leader each day until May 31st and tell them that Illinois must ‪choose revenue over cuts. Be sure to follow CJC on [...]

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