Despite the successful passing of a bipartisan Farm Bill in December 2018 that strengthened federal SNAP support and resources, the Trump administration has sidestepped Congress and proposed federal rule changes that will have several extremely harmful effects in Illinois that need our urgent action:

  1. The proposed rule changes would severely limit Illinois’ ability to apply for the “time limit waiver” for able bodied adults without dependents (ABAWDs).
    • Based on its lackluster employment statistics, Illinois has requested and received this waiver for 101 of its 102 counties every year for the past 20 years. Under the new proposed regulation, only two Illinois counties would likely qualify.
  2. The proposed rule changes would affect the nearly 415,000 Illinoisans who receive SNAP and would be newly subject to strict work requirements as soon as October 2019.
    • This means a work registrant must document sufficient work hours or participate in acceptable job training services or lose their SNAP benefits after just three months and risk going hungry.

Here’s the deal: work requirements take food away from hungry people. We know that the ABAWD population already often faces multiple barriers to finding quality, sustained employment opportunities, and that the workforce development system simply does not have the capacity or resources to serve an additional 400,000 people. Increasing food instability for these same populations will do nothing to fix this, but rather refuel cycles of hunger and poverty.

Join us in the fight to oppose these harmful rule changes!

using these helpful guidelines and instructions
before the April 2nd Deadline.