Spread the Word: City Sticker Amnesty All October

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You might have heard–after years of work on driver’s license suspensions and Chicago ticket debts, this month is the first opportunity for major relief for thousands in Chicago. And we need your help to spread the word. Please see the flyers below, share them, print them out for offices and public spaces, and post them on your social media.

Important: to qualify for city sticker ticket debt forgiveness in step 2, individuals will need an up-to-date city sticker by October 31, so make sure everyone gets their sticker in October!


Click here to download the full set of informational materials.


This includes the flyer to the right as a PDF for print, and an image with padded margins for flexible sharing on social media, including Instagram.

For more work on our license suspension and tickets, fines, fees advocacy, contact Eric.



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