Report from Center for American Progress: A Progressive Agenda for Inclusive and Diverse Entrepreneurship

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Earlier this month, the Center for American Progress (CAP) released a new report: A Progressive Agenda for Inclusive and Diverse Entrepreneurship. Although entrepreneurship is a promising avenue for job creation and increasing income, structural and economic barriers have prevented women and people of color from having equitable access to necessary resources for starting businesses. In this report, CAP first examines these barriers and then proposes progressive policy changes to help level the playing field.CAPreport

Individuals can only generate revenue for themselves and their communities through entrepreneurship if they are given equal access to the capital and education necessary to succeed. Per the report, “Making entrepreneurialism a career choice open to all will help families build wealth; create opportunities for jobs and mobility in disadvantaged communities; and support a robust, inclusive, and growing economy.”

Here are CAP’s main proposed policies for increasing access to entrepreneurship:

  1. Address the wealth gap and expanding access to capital through an enhanced State Small Business Credit Initiative
  2. Develop Entrepreneurial Apprenticeship
  3. Foster early training and education to help young people foster an entrepreneurial spirit
  4. Utilize the resources of ‘one stop shops’ and Self-Employment Assistance Programs to help people start businesses
  5. Develop broad progressive economic policies to expand opportunities for entrepreneurship

To read the full report with detailed policy recommendations, click here.

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