Other Data


Economic Hardship in the City of Chicago

The map to the right displays socioeconomic hardship levels across Chicago neighborhoods (darker shading equals higher levels of hardship). Visit the interactive map which provides neighborhood poverty rates, unemployment rates, educational attainment rates, and other indicators of well-being. The data was made available from the City of Chicago in January 2012 via the new Data Portal. It is five-year estimates (2007-2011) stemming from the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey. Visit the following link for a full description of the data.

Finding Local U.S. Census Data

The U.S. Census Bureau provides the American FactFinder, a resource for finding demographic, economic, social, housing and other pertinent information for over 7,000 different geographic areas nationwide.  Information is available from the wide range of Census Bureau’s datasets.

For more information about the FactFinder, as well as instructions for using it, read the WIRE’s Factfinder Guide.

Illinois Community Profiles

CJC staff tracks local workforce and economic development information in partner communities around Illinois and summarizes the information into profiles for use in local policy and planning discussions.