Racial Equity

The Jobs Council recognizes that systemic, institutional, and individual racism creates disparities in the way people of color fare in the labor market. We are continuously working to review and update our practices, policies, and procedures using a racial equity lens in order to achieve more equitable outcomes for all.

Here are some of the projects and initiatives through which we’re trying to bring our commitment to racial equity into practice.


In one of the most segregated cities in the country, there is no way to do anti-poverty work without a racial equity lens. This StoryMap, created by students at DePaul University, explores many of the structural and spatial challenges we grapple with as part of our work.

CUE Fellows

Chicago United for Equity connects residents, activists, policymakers, and others who promote racial justice, and shares tools that promote equity. We’re proud that staff member Tanvi Shah is among the 2019 CUE Equity Fellows. Visit their site to learn more about the program.


We’ve benefited from a number of tools that help us understand and evaluate racial equity at the Jobs Council. Starting in 2018, we began trainings with the Race Matters Institute, examining our own internal individual biases, as well as the practices and policies that perpetuate white supremacy within our organization and our field.

A critical tool for evaluating our own policies and practices is a Racial Equity Impact Analysis (REIA). This is a series of questions that forces important reflection and understanding of what got us here. We have also used the Racial Equity Backmap to better understand the context affecting racial inequities we’re focused on in our advocacy.

Future Work

We know this work is both urgent and everlasting. We commit to continue working towards equity, to listening to and lifting up the voices of people of color, and to sharing lessons as we continue to move forward. If you or your organization have lessons or resources you’d like to share, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Our vision is that all people – regardless of where they start or where they’ve been – can access employment as a pathway out of poverty.