Neighborhood EducationIt can be hard to connect lower skilled adults with the right job when they lack basic education or other skills. And while encouraging clients to further their education is not necessary or realistic in every single case, it is crucial to have the right tools for those clients who will benefit from adult education. Education is especially important for long-term career success, even once a job seeker has landed a job.

Literacy Works wants to prepare you to help those clients. Literacy Works, a Chicago organization dedicated to improving adult literacy, created the handbook Transitions to Education and Training. This resource is designed to help workforce professionals guide lower skilled adults to free and affordable education and training. Along with other helpful material, the handbook includes

  • Suggestions for communicating with clients to effectively encourage further education.
  • Various program options for continuing education.
  • Strategies for identifying quality programs and avoiding scams.

We’ve also added the handbook to our brand new Skills and Education page!