Our New Report: “Living In Suspension: Consequences of Driver’s License Suspension Policies”

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Xavier. LaSheria. William. These are some of the names out of thousands who are trapped under the weight of having a suspended license due to unpaid parking tickets and other non-driving related violations. They have lost jobs, opportunities, and any kind of stability–all because of an unpaid ticket, or maybe an error paying child support.

Read our report here.

The Jobs Council’s new report details the impact of driver’s license suspension policies on individuals throughout the state of Illinois. Please share the report with your colleagues and on social media and join us in the fight to end the practice of suspending driver’s licenses for non-moving violations. Learn more about the proposed License to Work Act and contact Eric Halvorson at eric@cjc.net to join our Transit Table advocacy. Don’t forget to follow us on social media, too.

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