Gentrification mapThe Nathalie P. Voorhees Center of the University of Illinois at Chicago released their Gentrification Index this week. The full report, titled “The Socioeconomic Change of Chicago’s Community Areas,” compares racial, economic, educational, and other demographic indicators from 1970 to 2010. The researchers found that rising inequality has exacerbated the gap between thriving communities and struggling communities in Chicago:

Central to our findings is a deepening of inequality over time among Chicago’s neighborhoods, with some neighborhoods growing wealthier while many others have grown poorer. At the same time, the number of middle-class neighborhoods has diminished. Although much attention has been given to neighborhood upgrading (gentrification), our analysis illustrates that decline is more prevalent in the City of Chicago as a whole.

To interact with the 2010 community area indicators, visit WBEZ’s collaboration with the Voorhees Center, There Goes the Neighborhood.

For the full data on a specific community area, see the report’s Appendix.

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