Neighborhood-specific Labor Market Information (LMI)

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For information about the growth and decline of industry sectors within Chicago neighborhoods, visit the Woodstock Institute’s Employment data portal. Searching by community area allows organizations to identify industry sectors that will offer the most employment opportunities for their job seekers. Does your organization offer a sector-based training program? Use this tool to figure out which neighborhoods might contain large quantities of employers looking to hire your training participants.

The importance of labor market information (LMI) is obvious to workforce development advocates and providers. As community-based organizations provide job training, adult education, and other important services to individuals seeking employment, it is absolutely essential to know which industries and occupations will be most likely to offer job opportunities to these individuals. Lots of work has been done to help answer these questions, but finding the best, most reliable resources is very challenging. The WIRE’s Labor Market Information page solves this problem of data overload by only providing the most recent, highest quality, and most useful resources.  With the help of this page you’ll be able to quickly answer questions about industry growth or occupational demand for the state, region, and local community areas.

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