Tools for Frontline Staff

At the Frontline Focus Training Institute, we’re always collecting tools and looking for best practices that make workforce providers more effective. Here are some of those resources.

Workers’ Rights Curriculum

Are you ever unsure of your job seekers’ rights in the workplace? Are there times you think your clients are being taken advantage of or discriminated against but are not sure what to do? Knowledge about basic worker protections is a crucial component of any job-readiness program. To answer these questions, CJC presents the Workers’ Rights Curriculum developed by Alison Dickson of the School of Labor and Employment Relations at the University of Illinois.

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Workers’ Rights in Workforce Development Report

University of Illinois’ Labor Education Program, in collaboration with Chicago Jobs Council and UIC’s Great Lakes Center for Occupational Health and Safety are excited to share with you findings from their survey of Chicagoland workforce providers who are actively educating their participants about their rights on the job and pursuing collaborations with high road employers.

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Benchmarking/Success Drivers

The Success Drivers framework of guidelines and strategies has been developed with input from practitioners who are part of the Workforce Benchmarking Network and who are among the “higher performers” among their peers participating in the national Benchmarking outcome survey. The framework is also informed by existing research in the workforce development field.

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Pathways to Careers Network (in collaboration with Women Employed)

By 2020, 67 percent of Illinois jobs will require a college degree or certificate, yet three million Illinois adults don’t have education beyond high school. To address this gap, Women Employed and the Chicago Jobs Council launched the Pathways to Careers Network, an initiative to increase college and career success for adult learners with low basic skills.

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Family-Centered Coaching Toolkit

Families are the own best experts in identifying their strengths, challenges, and future goals. This Family-Centered Coaching curriculum, developed by W.K. Kellogg Foundation, is a set of strategies and tools that can help frontline staff, organizations, and systems more holistically work with families to reach these goals.

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Reimagining Employer Engagement Toolkit

The Reimagining Employer Engagement toolkit was published by Reimagine Retail Chicagoland in 2019 and was designed to equip frontline staff with practical tools and information for approaching employers from a strengths-based perspective.

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How to Get a Valid Illinois Driver’s License Guide

Job seekers without a valid driver’s license may face extra hurdles getting and keeping a job. The How to Get a Valid Illinois Driver’s License guide was prepared by Revolution Workshop to help internal program participants get their license for the first time, or get it reinstated after a suspension. You can also learn more from our Transit Table coalition about advocacy to reduce excessive driver’s license suspensions in Illinois.

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