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Frontline Workforce Association

The Frontline Workforce Association (FWA) was formed in the Fall of 2010 as a way to help frontline providers collaborate, support one another, and make referrals. Specifically, FWA provides free access to networking, continuing education, and professional development for all frontline staff. The informational meetings are designed to be interactive and often include a chance to share best practices and troubleshoot common problems.

FWA meets bi-monthly, or six times a year, focusing on various topics of interest. All meetings are free of charge. The group is open to all frontline job developers, regardless of their past involvement with Frontline Focus.

Upcoming Meeting

January FWA Meeting

01/10/2018 8:30 am - 11:00 am

How much does it cost? 

Free, but advance registration REQUIRED.

Who can I contact for more information? 

Contact Kaitlyn McGovern:

During FWA’s off months, CJC holds its bi-monthly Workforce Development Working Group meetings at the same time and location. These meetings are focused on policy and advocacy topics and are also free and open to all who are interested!

Frontline Workforce Association Archive

November 2017

“Apps to Close the Gap: Online Job Seeker Resources”

September  2017

“Job Seeker Recruitment & Outreach”

May  2017

“Hire Yourself! Resources for Entrepreneurship”

January 2017

“Mental Health and the Employment Process”

November 2016

“Policies & Protections for a Positive Workplace” 

September 2016

“Retention: An Employer Perspective” 

July 2016

“Reset, Refresh, De-stress” 

May 2016

“Get Linked Up with LinkedIn”

January 2016

“Serving Special Populations” 

November 2015

“Know Your Rights: Empower Your Job Seekers” 

September 2015

“Delivering Trauma-Informed Care: How to Respond to Clients Experiencing Hardship” 

August 2015

“Transforming Impossible into Possible” 

May 2015

“Hiring Toolkit: Resources for Success” 

March 2015

“Crisis After Placement: Employer Retention” 

January 2015

“Pitch Perfect: Engaging with Employers” 

November 2014

“Barriers to Retention: A Client Perspective”