LaSheria’s parking tickets have followed her since 1999. Like thousands of others in Chicago, she has gone bankrupt over them. She has been arrested for driving on a license she didn’t know was suspended because of them. Her story is stunning, but it’s not unique. In Chicago, parking tickets are big money for the city, but the cost to its residents is tremendous.

Since we first met LaSheria, she has been featured in our report Living in Suspension, testified in Springfield, and spoken on a panel about the issue. Sit down with us and listen to our first conversation with LaSheria, when she shared a story that would motivate and madden us.

To learn more about how tickets and suspended licenses pull Black and Latinx Chicagoans into debt spirals, visit Take action there, and spread the word. #License2Work #StopSuspendingLives


Since we recorded this conversation, LaSheria has made her sign language interpreting a full time career. She runs a business called Handz Up Inc.