Facts and Figures: Seasoned Workers

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Staff from the Jobs Council recently attended a symposium hosted by the Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership and AARP entitled Seasoned Workers in the New Economy–here are our takeaways:
  • There are 1.6 million people, aged 55 and older, working in almost full-time equivalent jobs and are still living below the federal poverty line – [Corey Hastings, VP Workforce Programs and National Director of Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) at  AARP Foundation] 
  • There are 35 million workers, aged 55 and over, in the labor force and this number is increasing year over year – this is the only age demographic that has not seen a decrease in labor force participation. (Corey Hastings)
  • 53% of older workers do not know when they will retire or have no plans to retire (Corey Hastings)
  • 17% of Chicago seniors are living below the poverty line. (Lisa Morrison-Butler, Commissioner, Department of Family and Support Services, City of Chicago)
Also, here’s the powerpoint presentation by AARP with lots of great info!

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