Data visualization is a trendy topic these days. CJC’s WIRE depends on a high quality display of data in order to be a go-to source for workforce development data and related information.

It matters how data is displayed. A recent OECD Regional Well-Being Map serves as a good example. The map beautifully displays information about the quality of life across the world, and the site infrastructure allows for easy comparison between regions within a country or different parts of the world.  While everyone knows data is important to measuring and achieving success, some datasets are easier to understand than others simply because they are more fun to study and look at.

How does your organization display data?  Infographics are one popular way to present information.  That said, few organizations can afford to hire a designer for a simple project. Infoactive makes high quality data visualization more accessible to small organizations by providing free software that helps non-programmers and non-designers easily visualize data.

Perhaps you have data that could be better understood if displayed on a map?  For this, consider checking out ZeeMaps or Maps Engine Lite.  Also, DataMade is a company that offers training and templates to help organizations with a range of data and technology trends, including map-making.

Whether you are looking to display data for a funder or create a map of employer partners, consider utilizing the vast array of online tools and resources that are available to help. If you need further assistance or have questions, do not hesitate to reach out to the WIRE staff!