Data Abounds in Chicago, and More is Coming

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Data PortalIllinois is a leader in open data. The city of Chicago has a robust and well-maintained data portal with nearly 1,000 data sets regarding everything from Condom Distribution Sites to High School Progress Reports. We’ve recently included a few of these lists that may be interesting to service providers on the WIRE’s Additional Information page. The full list includes:

The Illinois state government also has a data portal with mini-sites for RockfordChampaignBelleville, and the South Suburbs. Cook County is in on it too.

These data portals have useful and interesting information for those with the time to sort through all of the data sets. But they are only the beginning of what is to come. In 2013, Illinois set new priorities for transparency through technology. Transparent data is the foundation that hints at bigger changes. Obviously more government data online means more information for the public. Over time, this information will also translate into new ways of interacting with our government, as the clunky lists on data portals turn into apps on our phones or streamlined applications online.

Open data is changing a lot already, and will continue to disrupt the way we get information from and interact with our governments. In the meantime, it is also just fun to explore.

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