Meet the Workforce Professionals Credential Alumni


LaTisha Brandon

Chicago Urban League
“Being a part of the Workforce Professional Credential course opened my mind to new ways and methods of delivering the best services to my participants. We learned everything from Labor Market Trends and proper ways to manage case notes to how to pitch to a potential employer and how to create effective referral systems. Overall, this credential challenged me to dissect, question and redesign my approach to Workforce Development and because of this I am a better professional, thank you CJC!”


Fatima Gomez

Center for Changing Lives
“The most valuable part of this cohort was being able to develop strong relationships with cohort members. This allowed me space to share my struggles and successes with the result of being able to provide and receive support, advice, resources, and helped me develop a strong network.”

Our vision is that all people – regardless of where they start or where they’ve been – can access employment as a pathway out of poverty.

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