Chicago Jobs Council COVID-19 Health & Safety Statement

The Chicago Jobs Council (CJC) is committed to making sure that in-person trainings strictly adhere to current CDC and local government health and safety guidelines.  To this end, we will be implementing a variety of safety measures in our training space, which may include limiting the number of training participants, social distancing, serving boxed lunches, providing masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer, etc.  For details about the specific precautions that will be taken for your training, please contact the CJC staff member listed below.  In addition, please note that while we look forward to running in-person trainings in FY2021, sudden changes in health and safety guidelines may affect the dates when we can run trainings, change the training format from in-person to online, or possibly cause us to cancel trainings.  In such cases, CJC will work with you to make appropriate accommodations or reimbursements.  

Please do not hesitate to reach out to the appropriate staff member below with any questions and concerns:

  • Frontline Focus Training Institute – Cheryl Hester at  
  • Chicago College and Career Advising Credential – Dana Horstein at

We look forward to safely serving the training needs of the workforce development field in the coming year.