Chicago Urban League Releases Blueprint for an Equitable Chicago

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Earlier this month, the Chicago Urban League released a ten-year plan for their work towards racial equity in Chicago. The blueprint outlines an ambitious strategic plan that stands on three pillars—education, employment, and economic development. Ultimately, the Urban League’s goal is to deconstruct “structural racism and create more equitable educational, employment and economic systems for African Americans.”

While each pillar of the Urban League’s blueprint has a distinct set of priorities, these various aims share a prerequisite for progress: securing “resources and support” from various funding streams and partner organizations. Furthermore, the plan calls for widespread collaboration and cooperation between nonprofit organizations, schools, businesses, and government officials, all working together to address institutional racism in Chicago.

Although the plan centers on advocacy and resource development, the Urban League’s blueprint reaches beyond mere policy work. It is a moral challenge from a 100-year-old Chicago institution that is “Tired of hearing the same narratives about African Americans and the communities in which they live.” Hopefully, this plan can sharpen our focus on structural racism, and stimulate positive change in education, employment prospects, and economic security for African Americans living in Chicago.

Click here to view the full blueprint as well as a projected calendar for Urban League efforts over the next ten years.

What do you think of the Chicago Urban League’s new plan?

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