Invest in Yourself with Frontline Focus

This year's Frontline Focus Training Institute course catalog includes over 25 trainings for workforce professionals to build your skills and knowledge, expand your network, and advance your career! And this year, we are launching several brand new trainings to help you more effectively connect job seekers to quality employment. Invest in yourself today by checking [...]

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License to Work Act Passes Illinois Senate!

At the Jobs Council, we know that transportation barriers are employment barriers. Last week, the Illinois Senate voted to pass important reforms to driver's license suspension policy. The License to Work Act would eliminate driver’s license suspension as a penalty for most non-driving violations. Currently, thousands of Illinoisans are stuck in debt traps because they cannot [...]

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Introducing Our New Workforce Professionals Credential

Applications are now open for FFTI’s new Workforce Professionals Credential! Through this exclusive, year-long cohort experience, participants will walk away with best practices to improve their organization’s recruitment, assessment, and placement outcomes. This is also an opportunity for participants to invest in their talents and advance their career! FFTI has a track record of effectively [...]

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Attention: New RFP Open for Out of School Youth Funding

A Request for Proposal is now open for funding from the Partnership targeting delegate agencies serving Out of School Youth in Cook County Commissioner District #8.  The Partnership will host a Bidders Conference on May 9th. To access the full RFP, click this link.

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Our New Report: “Living In Suspension: Consequences of Driver’s License Suspension Policies”

Xavier. LaSheria. William. These are some of the names out of thousands who are trapped under the weight of having a suspended license due to unpaid parking tickets and other non-driving related violations. They have lost jobs, opportunities, and any kind of stability--all because of an unpaid ticket, or maybe an error paying child support. [...]

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Take Our New State of the Field Survey!

The Frontline Focus Training Institute at the Chicago Jobs Council has been supporting workforce development professionals for 15 years. In that time, our understanding of issues impacting the field has come from workforce development professionals, the staff on the ground doing the work of preparing and connecting job seekers to quality employment. From our perspective, yours [...]

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Congratulations to our Success Drivers 2018 Cohort!

This month, the Frontline Focus Training Institute is launching the 4th year of our Success Drivers Learning Cohort. In this cohort, 20 select participants from 10 Chicagoland workforce organizations will meet to explore the Workforce Benchmarking Network’s Success Drivers framework set of best practice strategies curated from nationally-recognized, high-performing workforce organizations. The Success Drivers are organized [...]

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Curriculum Writer Needed

Want to put your skills to use for our mission? The Jobs Council is seeking a qualified curriculum writer/consultant to support the development of new content, revisions, and train-the-trainer activities related to the Chicago College and Career Advising Credential (CCCAC). We are seeking an engagement from Feb-July 2018. For more, and to apply, click here!

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We’re Hiring!

Are you or is somebody you know committed to the advancement of the Job Council's mission, skilled at facilitating, or familiar with anti-poverty programs and policies? You may be a good candidate for our Program Manager position! For more information, click here.

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