Career Pathways Explained

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Career PathwaysWorkforce development employs a variety of strategies to connect job seekers with gainful employment. The Career Pathways strategy is one way to guide job seekers through coherent training that offers them various stages to join and leave the career path. This strategy will become increasingly important, as it is a component of WIOA.

If you haven’t seen it, CLASP has produced an excellent presentation about how Career Pathways work. Career Pathways Explained: A Multimedia Overview (follow the link, or view it in this post) offers a few highlights of the strategy:

  • Each step in a pathway gives participants marketable skills or credentials, qualifying them to work in the next industry position in the pathway.
  • Pathways also offer various points of entry into the pathway, so that a participant who already has some skills in the field can start in the most appropriate place.
  • Consistent and non-repetitive assessments are also important to placing a participant correctly in the pathway.

The Alliance for Quality Career Pathways, which is lead by CLASP, provides additional resources for understanding the Career Pathways Approach.

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