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Chicago’s Socioeconomic Well-Being

In Chicago, over 1.2 million people struggle with severe financial situations, this according to the most recent Social IMPACT Poverty Report. Over 45 percent of the entire population falls below 200 percent of the poverty rate, which for a single mother is $31,650 per year.  Research regarding true cost of living in Chicago suggests this [...]

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Data Can Be Beautiful

Data visualization is a trendy topic these days. CJC’s WIRE depends on a high quality display of data in order to be a go-to source for workforce development data and related information. It matters how data is displayed. A recent OECD Regional Well-Being Map serves as a good example. The map beautifully displays information about [...]

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The Importance of Labor Market Information

Labor Market Information (aka LMI) is vital to those with a stake in the workforce development system. Whether you are a community college attempting to make vital decisions related to curriculum development, or a policymaker attempting to determine the impact of a specific program, access to quality information regarding the labor market can make all [...]

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WIA Reauthorization Update

On May 21st, a bipartisan group of members from the U.S. Senate and House introduced the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), a proposal that reauthorizes the Workforce Investment Act.  WIOA would reauthorize the program for six years from 2015 to 2020.  In general the bill focuses on streamlining programs, reporting, and administration.  The bill [...]

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Need CDBG Technical Assistance?

Are you a recipient of CDBG funding? Are you interested in learning more about the CDBG program? The U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) presents OneCPD, an online portal to resources and tools that helps current grantees with implementation of HUD grant programs, and provides a wealth of information to prospective grantees. Visit the CDBG [...]

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Access Real-Time Data on Labor Market Demand

The WIRE Labor Market Information (LMI) page is part of a set of pages that offers data related to workforce development. The LMI page is designed to provide quick links to sources of reliable, user-friendly information about the labor market. A good example is the Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership's data on real-time demand trends. Utilizing information [...]

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Recent Funding Opportunities

A number of new opportunities for workforce development funding have recently been made available. First, the City of Chicago announced that its 2015-2016 Community Development Grant Application (CDGA) RFP is now open. Next, DFSS is accepting applications for the 2014 Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) Scholarship program.  The U.S Department of Labor has also announced [...]

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New! March 2014 Unemployment Data

State and local unemployment rates for March 2014 have been made available by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and the Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES). At the state level, the unemployment rate improved to 8.4%, down from 8.7% in February. In Chicago, the March unemployment rate was significantly lower than in February, down [...]

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EPA Resources Compare Neighborhood’s Access to Transit

It is well documented that access to transportation is incredibly important for someone seeking employment or looking to advance in a career.  Therefore, Smart Location Mapping a data resource from the U.S. Department of Environmental Protection Agency offers promising information that may help advocates and legislators make better decisions about workforce development policies.  The EPA [...]

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New! February 2014 Unemployment Data

Early 2014 unemployment rates from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and IDES have been posted to the WIRE’s Unemployment Page. These rates indicate the unemployment situation has not improved at either the city or state level in recent months.  In addition, there has negligible improvement since last year. The continued economic struggles in Chicago and Illinois are compounded [...]

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