March With Us

What are we for? What do you want for our state? It’s easy and tempting to focus only on what we’re against. We’re against cuts. We’re against not having a budget. But even before the current crisis, people across Illinois were suffering. Resisting harm is not enough. We must also envision and plan for the future we want.

That’s why CJC is joining the 200 mile March to Springfield for a People and Planet First Budget. Along the way, marchers from diverse communities and organizations will have open meetings with regular people about what we want for our state, and how we can overcome what divides us.

We hope you’ll join too. Here are a few ways to do that:

May 15: Kickoff Event
12:00pm | Thompson Center, Chicago
You won’t want to miss the sendoff of the marchers!

May 19: March with CJC
Departure time from Chicago: tbd (very early morning!)
On Friday, May 19th, join CJC staff to march for the day. We will provide transportation for a limited number of people from Chicago to Wilmington, where Day 5 of the march kicks off. We will plan to arrive by 8:00am. Seats are first come first serve.


May 15-30th: Be a Virtual Marcher on Social Media
This march will be a major media event this month, and we plan to keep the drumbeat going on social media. Please help out by sharing and posting for your organizations. Follow CJC on Facebook and Twitter. Follow the March to Springfield on Facebook and Twitter.

On the way to Springfield, marchers will stop for 5 listening events along the route. On May 30th, a rally in the Capitol will follow the arrival of the marchers. Check here for full route and event details of this historic march!