Intro to the Workforce Development System (webinar)

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Course Description:
You’re a part of the workforce development system. But what does that mean? Maybe you have a WIOA, CDBG or TANF contract. Or maybe you’re a TJ or bridge program provider. Maybe you have no idea what those acronyms mean, in which case, you’re not alone! Jargon abounds in our field, creating an alphabet soup that can be difficult to decipher, let alone keep up with. The goal of this training is to demystify what the workforce development system actually is: who’s involved, how it operates, program models used, and what its relationship with other social services looks like.

Topics covered include:

  • Defining the workforce development system
  • Identifying who is served by the system
  • Understanding the funding streams and programs that comprise the system
  • Learning how the workforce system intersects with other related systems
  • Navigating the inherent challenges of the system

This course is for all workforce development staff including supervisors, job developers, and case managers.

Course Duration:

Course Date:
December 5, 2017

Chicago Jobs Council staff



Please contact Cheryl Hester, Frontline Focus Administrator, with any questions: 312.252.0460 x108;

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