Frontline Focus

The Frontline Focus Training Institute delivers trainings and resources to help frontline workforce professionals build their capacity to better meet the employment needs of disadvantaged job seekers, low-income workers and employers. For more information on connecting with frontline professionals, please visit the Frontline Workforce Association page.

Through the delivery of our core curriculum, we aim to:

  • Develop and enhance the skills, key competencies and knowledge of frontline workforce providers in order to increase job effectiveness
  • Decrease burnout and stimulate career growth within the workforce development field
  • Create an environment that fosters collaboration and networking among job developers
  • Establish “job development” as a professional field of work

Attend our next session. Learn new techniques. Meet other mission-minded professionals. Get recharged.

Upcoming Courses

Course NameDate 
Pitch ClinicTBD
Becoming an Industry Insider
Workers’ Rights for Your Job SeekersTBD
Making Metrics MatterApril, 26 2017
Job Readiness Training (JRT) BasicsApril 28, 2017
Career Foundations Teacher TrainingMay 9 & 12, 2017
Delivering Trauma-Informed CareMay 19, 2017
Employ Lit: Helping Clients with Low LiteracyMay 23, 2017
Reducing Turnover: Becoming a Retention AgentMay 24, 2017
Learning to LeadTBD
Job Developer OrientationTBD
Intro to the Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA)TBD
Performance ManagementTBD
Cultural Competency 101: Building Your Personal AwarenessTBD
Intro to the Workforce Development System (webinar)TBD
From Records to Re-Entry: Working with Ex-OffendersTBD
Beyond the Basics: Job Development in PracticeTBD
Conducting Quality Intake AssessmentsTBD
Motivational InterviewingTBD
Documentation of Case NotesTBD
Operating Adaptive OrganizationsTBD
Driving Organizational Effectiveness: Benchmarks for SuccessTBD
Becoming an Industry Insider
Pitch ClinicTBD
Workers’ Rights for Your Job SeekersTBD