Organizational Priorities

CJC’s work both informs and is informed by the experience of the field; we recognize that successful policy reform can only help low-skilled and disadvantaged workers if providers and other stakeholders on the ground have strong capacity.

  1. Policy: 
  • Leverage implementation of WIOA to refocus on the most disadvantaged job seekers
  • Increase public resources for the most disadvantaged job seekers
  • Reduce transportation barriers for most disadvantaged job seekers
  • Increase workforce and human service provider engagement in policy advocacy
  1. Capacity Building:
  • Through the Frontline Focus Training Institute, deliver a range of professional trainings and resources to increase the capacity of workforce development providers to deliver high quality services.
  • Provide technical assistance to support and encourage information sharing, collaboration, research and evaluation among the workforce field and related stakeholders
  1. CJC Operations:
  • Administer high quality, standardized policies, procedures, and programs
  • Strengthen and deploy strategic communications to advance the organization and its mission while remaining a persistent and trusted voice in local, regional and national workforce development venues
  • Develop a sustainable and diverse resource base for CJC’s long-term success
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